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The sky is the limit when it comes to high end residential accommodation. We specialise in the delivery of amazing brand new spaces tailored to your individual needs. Cowley Timber and Partners have built houses on mountains, fields, forests and rooftops. Urban situations and surburban new builds are excellent opportunities to build your home in timber.

Often we are required to perform under highly restrictive and complex site conditions. Structural timber is the ultimate durable and sustainable modern building product. Our glulam beams can be formed to carry incredible structural loads and spans as well as provide lightweight, elegant curves. Our experienced team can provide the skills necessary to coordinate your project from concept to completion.

Timber has become the preferred material for architects, designers and developers. Sometimes combined with concrete, steel or glass our timber structures can be used to build grand designs. Our insulated timber sip plank panel system sapisol is the preferred product for the environmental and design conscious client. It provides high U values along with an attractive timber interior finish. Cowley Timber can assist you in selecting the appropriate species for your design including oak glulam for high end projects.

A huge range of architectural cladding systems are at our disposal and in stock. These include our exclusive range of openlam and funlam products. The selection of the correct system is an important part of the design process and a high architectural vernacular can be achieved whether the modern or traditional look is required.

Cowley are available to work through the design with your architect and engineer to ensure an impressive and deliverable timber house becomes your dream home. The design options are limitless for your new timber house.

Cabins, chalets, timber lake houses, penthouse apartments, tiny houses through to grand lodges are all within reach and available to suit most budgets.