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Rooftop Extensions

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Lightweight timber rooftop extensions are an innovative way of adding floor space to existing buildings. Single storey extensions or multi storey structures are possible using our proven structural timber systems. Cowley Timber and Partners are experienced in providing fast and cost effective rooftop accommodation. Timber rooftop extensions are achievable in buildings that are occupied. Cowleys process of offsite pre fabrication is time effective and creates the least disruption to occupants. Our timber structures can be dressed in any building product including cladding, render, brick or rain screen. Wind and watertight shells can be quickly achieved working with a range of window manufacturers.

Environment conscious clients and developers require a high degree of insulation. This is achievable using our insulated timber sip panels. Cowley Timber use Sapisol insulated planks for walls and structural roofs. These are available in stock in a range of profiles depending on U value requirements. Sapisol is also compatible with underfloor heating systems. Strong sustainability credentials along with clever design ensure desirable and highly marketable space. The use of different species of timber beams while leaving exposed structure can define and enhance any project. Green roofs and also brown roofs can be accommodated within our rooftop extensions

Cowley Timber and Partners have designed and built high end residential penthouses in central London which have achieved premium prices. In addition, category A offices can be delivered to generate attractive rents or for owner occupation. Other commercial uses such as medical, teaching and leisure spaces have benefited from Cowley Timber and Partners expertise. Curved roofs are an attractive alternative to traditional roof profiles and can be achieved using our unique sapisol insulated roofing system.

Architectural Cladding is available in a variety of species including larch, spruce and cedar all with different profile details and a huge range of finishes.