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Cowley Timber and Partners can build complexes for domestic or commercial use. The buildings are designed to accommodate a range of budgets from functional spaces to high end oak glulam with visual structure. Building in timber is a speedy and cost effective construction method that can often be fabricated off site and assembled quickly. Ideal for sites that are occupied or have tight time and development constraints.

Swimming pool enclosures often require long spans of glulam beams with insulated timber sip panels. A timber enclosure is ideal to create a functional and attractive space whilst dealing with a multitude of technical hurdles.

Outbuildings including stable blocks, garages, class rooms and offices can be designed and built in timber. A fabulous range of interior and exterior architectural cladding systems are used by Cowley to achieve a mature and contemporary look.

Small buildings such as gardens rooms, writer’s sheds, cabins and hobby spaces can be ordered from Cowley Timber and Partners either as bespoke or from our range.

Timber houses from the very small to the super high end are built from glulam timber. Cowley can assist you design and build your grand designs house. Our strong and durable timber structures are available for design conscious individuals where alternative construction methods are required.

Our timber structure complexes can be manufactured using a range of species. Glulam beams in spruce, douglas fir, oak and larch are available and in stock. Anything from straight beams with long structural spans to curved glulam beams can be provided to make a distinctive, eye catching building design.

High insulation values can be achieved by using sapisol insulated sip panels as walls, floors and roofs.

We have in stock a wide range of cladding, including our own very popular openlam and funlam systems that are available in Larch and Spruce with varying profile detail and finishes.