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Cowley Timber and Partners can build complexes for domestic or commercial use. The buildings are designed to accommodate a range of budgets from functional spaces to high end oak glulam with visual structure. Building in timber is a speedy and cost effective construction method that can often be fabricated off site and assembled quickly. Ideal for sites that are occupied or have tight time and development constraints.

Swimming pool enclosures often require long spans of glulam beams with insulated timber sip panels. A timber enclosure is ideal to create a functional and attractive space whilst dealing with a multitude of technical hurdles.

Outbuildings including stable blocks, garages, class rooms and offices can be designed and built in timber. A fabulous range of interior and exterior architectural cladding systems are used by Cowley to achieve a mature and contemporary look.

Small buildings such as gardens rooms, writer’s sheds, cabins and hobby spaces can be ordered from Cowley Timber and Partners either as bespoke or from our range.

Timber houses from the very small to the super high end are built from glulam timber. Cowley can assist you design and build your grand designs house. Our strong and durable timber structures are available for design conscious individuals where alternative construction methods are required.

Our timber structure complexes can be manufactured using a range of species. Glulam beams in spruce, douglas fir, oak and larch are available and in stock. Anything from straight beams with long structural spans to curved glulam beams can be provided to make a distinctive, eye catching building design.

High insulation values can be achieved by using sapisol insulated sip panels as walls, floors and roofs.

We have in stock a wide range of cladding, including our own very popular openlam and funlam systems that are available in Larch and Spruce with varying profile detail and finishes.

Rooftop Extensions

Lightweight timber rooftop extensions are an innovative way of adding floor space to existing buildings. Single storey extensions or multi storey structures are possible using our proven structural timber systems. Cowley Timber and Partners are experienced in providing fast and cost effective rooftop accommodation. Timber rooftop extensions are achievable in buildings that are occupied. Cowleys process of offsite pre fabrication is time effective and creates the least disruption to occupants. Our timber structures can be dressed in any building product including cladding, render, brick or rain screen. Wind and watertight shells can be quickly achieved working with a range of window manufacturers.

Environment conscious clients and developers require a high degree of insulation. This is achievable using our insulated timber sip panels. Cowley Timber use Sapisol insulated planks for walls and structural roofs. These are available in stock in a range of profiles depending on U value requirements. Sapisol is also compatible with underfloor heating systems. Strong sustainability credentials along with clever design ensure desirable and highly marketable space. The use of different species of timber beams while leaving exposed structure can define and enhance any project. Green roofs and also brown roofs can be accommodated within our rooftop extensions

Cowley Timber and Partners have designed and built high end residential penthouses in central London which have achieved premium prices. In addition, category A offices can be delivered to generate attractive rents or for owner occupation. Other commercial uses such as medical, teaching and leisure spaces have benefited from Cowley Timber and Partners expertise. Curved roofs are an attractive alternative to traditional roof profiles and can be achieved using our unique sapisol insulated roofing system.

Architectural Cladding is available in a variety of species including larch, spruce and cedar all with different profile details and a huge range of finishes.


Our timber buildings can provide fabulous interior opportunities. Allowing the timber structure to be seen can express the individual nature of your space. The use of exposed structural timber in a variety of species including oak glulam and larch glulam compliments a huge range of other building materials.

Timber structures are often used to soften or enhance concrete, steel and glass. Different treatments including stains, finishes or brushing processes add natural warmth to modern spaces both large and small. Enhanced design detailing of timber structures can be simple or highly intricate and a cost effective method of delivering high volume spaces.

Cowley Timber and Partners use its timber structures to achieve high architectural integrity and are used in both commercial and residential projects. A high quality contemporary look has been regularly achieved using our specialist timber products.

Sapisol as a roof works well as an interior finish while achieving good insulation and strong structural form. Its impressive internal timber finish is available in a range of species, profiles and finishes. From curves to intricate shadow gap detailing sapisol is used as an effective alternative to plaster or tiling.

Individual expression is often achieved through curved glulam and the formation of interesting shapes. These themes are often carried through from the structure to the interior design and finish. On occasions Cowley Timber and Partners have completed schemes using sapisol or our architectural cladding systems both internally and externally.

Grand entrances and atriums often require detail design using our timber products such as wall panels, cladding systems and feature staircases. Using our specialist brushed finish to draw out the grain and the individual features from the natural timber allows for a distinctive and modern look. Leaving the timber either natural or by adding a stain a natural product can be blended into any scheme.

Bespoke Buildings and Timber Frames

Converting your concept design into reality requires a versatile approach. Cowley Timber and Partners have 40 years experience providing our clients with the expertise to deliver their bespoke design. Aspirational buildings are always bespoke and there are hundreds of methods of delivering a unique product from structural timber.

Bespoke timber buildings are not prohibitively expensive. Often the opportunity exists to create something architecturally beautiful within difficult site restraints. Lightweight timber structures through to large structural spans often provide the solution.

Our timber frames are meticulously thought through and designed before they go to manufacture. As specialists in timber frames that are designed to be seen Cowley Timber and Partners use the best glulam timber beams on the market. We only use the strongest engineered timber and we have a careful stock selection and sourcing process to ensure our frames are of the highest quality.

Timber framing requires precision technology and we use the most up to date high performance machines for modelling and cutting. Highly engineered invisible jointing processes are used including glued in rod for the premier invisible joint. Traditional mortice and tenant methods can be applied where intricate and visual jointing is required. We design our timber frames to be stress tested to the highest structural performance.

The use of different species, beam sizes and ultra cool cladding systems combined with traditional building materials can be applied to your project wherever it may be.

We can provide permanent structures and short life span projects. We offer a well-managed, bespoke turnkey project management service. Working alongside the architect and the engineer from an early stage allows Cowley the opportunity to share its experience which can assist in buildability and cost saving. All the best ideas are born at the beginning of the project and need to be seen through to reality.

The use of modern building materials must be both attractive, sustainably sourced and deliver a contribution to the environmental agenda. Specialist products such as sapisol; our highly insulated timber sip plank panel system, are quick and easy to install and provide a quality timber solution. Sapisol can also be used as a structural roof system with high load capacity and long spans. A variety of abundant species for glulam beams are available in stock from Cowley Timber and Partners. Detailing of timber is effective whether using the most simple profiles or highly intricate carved or lasered sections.

A huge range of architectural cladding systems are at our disposal and in stock. These include our exclusive range of openlam and funlam products. The selection of the correct system is an important part of the design process and a high architectural vernacular can be achieved whether the modern or traditional look is required. Cowley Timber and Partners have a tried and tested delivery process and are waiting to assist you with your bespoke project.


Cowley Timber and Partners are experienced in the production and delivery of versatile commercial spaces. Lightweight, highly durable commercial accommodation can be achieved on a very large scale. Commercial property has to be built on time and within budget.

Large scale commercial projects can benefit from specialist lightweight timber innovations and modular systems. Our off site modular construction system can allow long spans of column less space.

Our structural spanning capacity is vast and combined with a selective choice of beam sizes Cowley can create amazing, voluminous spaces that are fit for any purpose. Our experienced team work with the best architects and engineers to create extraordinary buildings that are appealing both internally and externally.

Complex geodesic design, environmentally conscious design and cutting edge vision afford Cowley Timber and Partners the opportunity to be first choice as delivery partner to some of the best designers in the world.

A variety of budgets can be accommodated through careful species selection, bespoke profiling and a well-considered design. This applies to not only the structural element of the build but also the insulation, architectural cladding system and internal finishes.

Sapisol is our exclusive insulated plank panelling system which is both cost effective and visually appealing. It can be used as a structural roof with a timber internal finish as well as being used for external and structural walls. We stock a huge volume of glulam beams which are sustainably sourced and available in a range of lengths and profiles. Our oak glulam is used for high end projects and other species such as larch, douglas fir, spruce also also held in stock.

Our commitment to manage and support all our projects equally ensures a quality and seamless service. We endeavour to support any design concept through early stage development to ensure we are able to offer workable solutions and minimize construction risk. Cowley Timber have worked on a considerable number of projects including cat A offices, visitors centres, universities, hospitals, schools and places of worship. The list is endless.



The sky is the limit when it comes to high end residential accommodation. We specialise in the delivery of amazing brand new spaces tailored to your individual needs. Cowley Timber and Partners have built houses on mountains, fields, forests and rooftops. Urban situations and surburban new builds are excellent opportunities to build your home in timber.

Often we are required to perform under highly restrictive and complex site conditions. Structural timber is the ultimate durable and sustainable modern building product. Our glulam beams can be formed to carry incredible structural loads and spans as well as provide lightweight, elegant curves. Our experienced team can provide the skills necessary to coordinate your project from concept to completion.

Timber has become the preferred material for architects, designers and developers. Sometimes combined with concrete, steel or glass our timber structures can be used to build grand designs. Our insulated timber sip plank panel system sapisol is the preferred product for the environmental and design conscious client. It provides high U values along with an attractive timber interior finish. Cowley Timber can assist you in selecting the appropriate species for your design including oak glulam for high end projects.

A huge range of architectural cladding systems are at our disposal and in stock. These include our exclusive range of openlam and funlam products. The selection of the correct system is an important part of the design process and a high architectural vernacular can be achieved whether the modern or traditional look is required.

Cowley are available to work through the design with your architect and engineer to ensure an impressive and deliverable timber house becomes your dream home. The design options are limitless for your new timber house.

Cabins, chalets, timber lake houses, penthouse apartments, tiny houses through to grand lodges are all within reach and available to suit most budgets.