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Cowley Timber and Partners are experienced in the production and delivery of versatile commercial spaces. Lightweight, highly durable commercial accommodation can be achieved on a very large scale. Commercial property has to be built on time and within budget.

Large scale commercial projects can benefit from specialist lightweight timber innovations and modular systems. Our off site modular construction system can allow long spans of column less space.

Our structural spanning capacity is vast and combined with a selective choice of beam sizes Cowley can create amazing, voluminous spaces that are fit for any purpose. Our experienced team work with the best architects and engineers to create extraordinary buildings that are appealing both internally and externally.

Complex geodesic design, environmentally conscious design and cutting edge vision afford Cowley Timber and Partners the opportunity to be first choice as delivery partner to some of the best designers in the world.

A variety of budgets can be accommodated through careful species selection, bespoke profiling and a well-considered design. This applies to not only the structural element of the build but also the insulation, architectural cladding system and internal finishes.

Sapisol is our exclusive insulated plank panelling system which is both cost effective and visually appealing. It can be used as a structural roof with a timber internal finish as well as being used for external and structural walls. We stock a huge volume of glulam beams which are sustainably sourced and available in a range of lengths and profiles. Our oak glulam is used for high end projects and other species such as larch, douglas fir, spruce also also held in stock.

Our commitment to manage and support all our projects equally ensures a quality and seamless service. We endeavour to support any design concept through early stage development to ensure we are able to offer workable solutions and minimize construction risk. Cowley Timber have worked on a considerable number of projects including cat A offices, visitors centres, universities, hospitals, schools and places of worship. The list is endless.