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Our timber buildings can provide fabulous interior opportunities. Allowing the timber structure to be seen can express the individual nature of your space. The use of exposed structural timber in a variety of species including oak glulam and larch glulam compliments a huge range of other building materials.

Timber structures are often used to soften or enhance concrete, steel and glass. Different treatments including stains, finishes or brushing processes add natural warmth to modern spaces both large and small. Enhanced design detailing of timber structures can be simple or highly intricate and a cost effective method of delivering high volume spaces.

Cowley Timber and Partners use its timber structures to achieve high architectural integrity and are used in both commercial and residential projects. A high quality contemporary look has been regularly achieved using our specialist timber products.

Sapisol as a roof works well as an interior finish while achieving good insulation and strong structural form. Its impressive internal timber finish is available in a range of species, profiles and finishes. From curves to intricate shadow gap detailing sapisol is used as an effective alternative to plaster or tiling.

Individual expression is often achieved through curved glulam and the formation of interesting shapes. These themes are often carried through from the structure to the interior design and finish. On occasions Cowley Timber and Partners have completed schemes using sapisol or our architectural cladding systems both internally and externally.

Grand entrances and atriums often require detail design using our timber products such as wall panels, cladding systems and feature staircases. Using our specialist brushed finish to draw out the grain and the individual features from the natural timber allows for a distinctive and modern look. Leaving the timber either natural or by adding a stain a natural product can be blended into any scheme.