Project name:

Arup Stair, St. Pauls Place, Sheffield

Project description:

A concept stair born from an internal competition within Arup Engineers was developed by Cowley Timber & Partners into a highly engineered laminated oak stair elegantly designed to float between and link the upper and lower workspaces of Arup’s new offices.

This turnkey solution of oak glulam structure, glass balustrading and steel hand railing had to be elementally detailed, fabricated and finished off site allowing it to be distributed to the 8th floor by personnel lift. The structure was meticulously assembled piece by piece.

Attention to the quality of refined joinery detailing and finish whilst concealing the highest levels of engineered resin bonded connections provides an office centre piece to one of the worlds most respected and sought after engineering practices. It is one of the best examples of engineering efficiency at work.